Vibeke Linde-Strandby


Vibeke Linde-Strandby is founder & partner in ai architectural intelligence ApS.

With employment at EMBT in Barcelona, where she among many others was Head Architect in the invited competition for a New Royal Theatre in Copenhagen and the development for a new stadium in Chemnitz, she has subsequently during several years cooperated with the EMBT in many projects & exhibitions in Europe.

In extension of her employment at EMBT she was asked by Lopéz Arquitectura y plano in Buinos Aires to assist in a larger research work in relation to the development of a new master-plan and conversion of the existing harbour areas in Buenos Aires. After finishing the projects in Buenos Aires she moved to Stockholm and started as Head Architect & project manager at Hamarin Architecture & Design in Stockholm and was responsible among others for the implementation of Svenska Hus’ Showroom & office at Hammarbyhamnen in Stockholm.

Vibeke has in addition to the many different projects worked as project management supervisor for the Commercial implementation Dept. at Copenhagen Airports in relation to planning and implementation of new shopping areas and has perfomed several optimization seminars for the commercial management Team at Copenhagen Airport.