HamiltonJet joins TEDxChristchurch 2019: Tūrangawaewae as Silver Partner

TEDxChristchurch is delighted to announce the support of HamiltonJet for TEDxChristchurch 2019: Tūrangawaewae—A Place of Belonging.

Since the company’s inception, with Sir William Hamilton pioneering the development of the commercial waterjet for vessel propulsion over 60 years ago, HamiltonJet has evolved into a modern international marine technology company. From humble beginnings in the McKenzie high country, HamiltonJet is a global leader in both the creation of new marine technology and how to use it, such as unmanned autonomous vessels, electrification of the driveline (supporting a low carbon future) and digitisation of the modern bridge where system integration and connectivity are providing new value to the customer all the time.  

Iceni Vengeance 1.jpg

Today, HamiltonJet employs over 360 people and manufactures 17 different jet models  as well as complex, safety critical electronic control systems. Whilst it's best known in New Zealand for thrill rides and pleasure-boating on our shallow braided rivers, HamiltonJet has over 60,000 waterjet units installed around the world, with sizes ranging from small jets used in recreational craft to the largest jet which has a 1.3m diameter impeller and weighs in at 8 tonnes!

We are extremely grateful for the support HamiltonJet has provided to our organising team, which in turn allows us the capability of delivering our biggest and most significant TEDxChristchurch event yet.

Gwen Hooper